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2024 Top 10 Water Treatment Brands

2024-05-14 16:06:53

2024 top ten brands of water treatment list, is the brand 100 network relying on the whole network of big data, according to the strength of the water treatment brand enterprises and popularity of the top ten brands of water treatment list, water treatment 10 big brand list. If you are looking for water treatment what brand is good? This water treatment brand ranking list can be used as a reference for you to buy, cooperate and join the water treatment brand.

Tianjin Chuangye Environmental Protection Group Co.Ltd.

Tianjin Chuangye Environmental Protection Company Limited, is a Chinese company focusing on wastewater treatment and a pioneer and leading enterprise in the field of environmental protection in China. As of the end of 2015, Chuangye Environmental Group has 8 people with full senior titles, 185 people with senior titles and 304 people with intermediate titles...
10001 (1)301

CGolden State Environmental Group Co.Ltd.

Started in 1988 in the United States of America, integrating investment, consulting, planning, design, construction and operation management as one of the total solution service providers of ecological environment In 1988, the Golden State Group of the United States of America entered into the field of urban infrastructure and environment in China, and set up Golden State Environmental Group Co.
2024 top ten brands (11)bd4

Beijing Holdings Co.Ltd.

Listed company, top ten brands of water treatment, comprehensive water treatment enterprise including traditional water industry and new water industry such as desalination, water body restoration and industrial wastewater remediation North Control Water Group Limited ("North Control Water Group") is a company listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.
2024 top ten brands (1)tjm

Beijing Capital Co.Ltd.

Started in 1999, listed company, top ten brands of water treatment, comprehensive enterprise integrating urban water service, human habitat improvement, comprehensive management of water environment, green resources development and energy management Beijing Capital Corporation Limited ("Capital Corporation") was founded in 1999.
10001 (2)no9

China Water & Environment Group Co.Ltd.

A professional investment company in water environment under CITIC Industrial Fund, engaged in comprehensive water environment management/water supply service/wastewater treatment/sludge treatment/water reuse, etc., a comprehensive water environment investment and operation service provider and a water environment management enterprise China Water & Environment Group is a subsidiary of CITIC Industrial Fund...
2024 top ten brands (25)559

Pengbiao Environmental Protection Co.Ltd.

Penglai Group - a pioneer in environmental protection in China and a listed company on the Main Board of Singapore. Founded in 1984, the company has been specialising in the environmental protection and water industry. In the early 80's, "18 young people who went to Shanghai to work and study" embraced the ideals of not being willing to be mediocre and revitalising their hometown.
2024 top ten brands (16)yeb

Shanghai Baan Water Co.Ltd.

A comprehensive service provider specialising in intelligent and all-round technical solutions in multiple fields such as municipal/environmental protection/desalination/sponge city/zero discharge and energy Shanghai Baan Water Co., Ltd. is a listed company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 300262).
2024 top ten brands (18)xfm

Zhuhai Water & Environment Holding Group Co.Ltd.

A wholly state-owned enterprise restructured and established on the basis of Zhuhai Water Supply Corporation, the first water enterprise engaged in the comprehensive business of water and environmental protection in China, and a large-scale enterprise engaged in water supply and drainage/water-related engineering/environmental governance. 
2024 top ten brands (2)18i

Qingdao Water Affairs Group Co.Ltd.

The main body of state-owned asset management and infrastructure investment and operation of Qingdao Water, a large state-owned enterprise integrating investment/construction/design/construction/supervision of urban and rural tax projects, sales of piping materials and equipment, and real estate development.
10001 (3)fbx

Xiaoqing Environmental Protection Technology Co.Ltd.

Founded in 1989, Xiaoqing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is an urban and rural ecological integrated environmental service provider integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, after-sales service, investment and construction, and is an environmental protection high-tech industry group in China.
2024 top ten brands (3)awt

Chongqing Water Group Co.Ltd.

A wholly state-owned enterprise funded and established by the Chongqing Municipal People's Government with its wholly-owned state-owned enterprises, engaging in the construction of water supply and drainage projects and other businesses The Company's predecessor was Chongqing Water Holding (Group) Company Limited, established on 11 January 2001.
2024 top ten brands (19)vp6

Beijing Urban Drainage Group Co.Ltd.

Beijing Urban Drainage Group Co., Ltd. is a backbone enterprise of the capital city's public services, a concessionaire of drainage and reclaimed water facilities in the central area of Beijing, a vice-chairman unit of China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association, and a vice-chairman unit of China Environmental Protection Industry Association.
10001 (4)dia

Xingyuan Environmental Technology Co.Ltd.

Founded in 1992, committed to providing customers with environmental management of the overall solution, investment / design / equipment / engineering / operation as one of the high-tech enterprises Xingyuan Environmental Technology Co.
2024 top ten brands (15)kci

Guangdong Yuehai Water Supply Co.Ltd.

Guangdong Yuehai Water Supply Co., Ltd, subordinate to Guangdong Yuehai Group, is a Sino-foreign co-operative enterprise established in 2000 after restructuring on the basis of the former Guangdong Dongjiang-Shenzhen Water Supply Project Management Bureau.
2024 top ten brands (6)7sj

China Water Investment Co.Ltd.

A national professional water investment and operation and management company established by the Bureau of Comprehensive Utilities of the Ministry of Water Resources together with strategic investors, mainly engaged in the development and supply of raw water/inter-regional water transfer/wastewater treatment/solid waste treatment and other water and environmental protection industries, investment, operation and management, as well as related value-added services.
2024 top ten brands (22)v8a

China Environmental Protection Water Investment Co.Ltd.

China Environmental Protection Water Investment Co., Ltd. was jointly invested and established in November 2003 by China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group Corporation and Shanghai Industrial Holdings Limited.
2024 top ten brands (7)j6y

China Water Affairs Group Co.Ltd.

China Water Affairs Group Limited ("China Water Affairs") is a public company listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (stock code: 0855), and was included in the first batch of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connections in December 2016.
2024 top ten brands (8)vnw

Shanghai Chengtou Water (Group) Co.Ltd.

Enterprises engaged in raw water supply/tap water production, transmission and distribution and sales services/rainwater flood control and trunk line conveyance/wastewater treatment and sludge disposal, as well as water supply and drainage investment/water infrastructure management.
2024 top ten brands pmd

SChina Everbright Water Co.Ltd.

A professional environmental protection service provider focusing on comprehensive utilisation of biomass, hazardous waste treatment, solar energy and wind energy, and committed to promoting the Company to become a leader in China's water industry China Everbright Water Co., Ltd. is an investment and operation company focusing on the business of comprehensive water environment management.
2024 top ten brands (9)3j1