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3-5 JULY 2024
Hall 5-6, QSNCC, Bangkok, Thailand
AIERFUKE Booth No.: J45

AIERFUKE, as a manufacturer, produce and sell the water treatment chemicals, including polyaluminum chloride (PAC) and polyferric sulfate (PFS).
Our annual output of poly aluminum chloride is 400000 tons of liquid and 100000 tons of solid; annual output of poly ferric sulfate is 1000000 tons of liquid and 200000 tons of solid. 
PAC and PFS, used as coagulant, to do the water and waste water treatment.
Regarding PAC, we have three types:
High purity polyaluminium chloride              (appearance: milky white, powder)  
Drinking water grade polyaluminium chloride      (appearance: light-yellow, powder)    
Industrial grade polyaluminium chloride           (appearance: golden-yellow, powder)  

Referring to PFS, its appearance of solid product: yellowish-brown, powder; and one of its main functions is used as phosphorus removal agent, therefore, PFS is named as “Phosphorus Removal” in local market, and widely used for the industrial treatment.
About the PAC, based on the original water to choose the suitable PAC product, which is widely used in drinking water, domestic sewage, industrial water supply and sewage purification, paper-making sizing, printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, cosmetics additives, municipal wastewater treatment and recycling,etc. 
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More for you about this expo:
Thai Water Expo (THW) 2024 is the leading water and wastewater technology exhibition and conference in the region and only international exhibition and conference in Thailand. Exhibitors are showcasing the latest technology and innovations in areas involving water resources management and wastewater treatment for private municipalities and industry.